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HankBob ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, here it is in all its glory.  We did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and had a footloose time doin it! Take a second, watch the video and check out http://www.alsa.org/ to make your own donation.  

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Alright, so I have to admit, I’m all about supportin anybody who is throwing down some redneck grillin’, and Christian Stevenson is no exception.  Here’s a little interview with this super awesome BBQ redneck!

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Double D’s Dirt Seasoning


So I mentioned Double D’s Dirt in my previous post about pulled pork, since this seasoning is my secret ingredient in finishing off the flavor of the pork.  But I felt like you guys needed a full review of the Double D’s Dirt seasoning just so you can fully understand the power of the magnificence of this seasoning! A while back I got the opportunity to hang out with the guys from Double D’s and they hooked me up with […]

Pimpin Pulled Pork

Normally I would run down a recipe for creating something spectacular, but today I am simply going to give you a few simple steps that can help create some Pimpin Pulled Pork at home.  The best part about this is, if you like to slow and low on the smoker then this is right up your alley.  It’s easy, delicious, and best of all it’s BBQ! Well, before we get started, let me run down a few things you might […]

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Kamado Joe Cooks Anything


Not long ago I had an opportunity to get a Kamado Joe cooker and I jumped on the opportunity to try it out.  Now, in my time I have had the opportunity to use a few other cookers that are similar to the Kamado Joe, but I have to admit, so far this is my favorite.  But, this ain’t a post intending to compare the Kamado Joe to other ceramic style cookers.  In fact I just wanna take some time […]

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Baxter’s Original Smoker Wood

Yep, that’s right, it’s time for me to tell ya a thang or two about Baxter’s Original Premium Smoker Wood.. In fact I’m gonna tell about the BBQ Supply Store that these guys have also! A few years ago I met Michael Baxter on Twitter and then ended up actually meeting at the Smokin’ on the Suwanee BBQ competition.  We showed up as spectators and he had delivered the order that I placed for a few chunks of wood and […]

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Bubba Burger Grill – Not so great!

I don’t usually review restaurants but I guess it’s time to start… I guess it’s the norm for my first review to be about a bad experience but some good experiences will definitely follow! Alright so today we ventured out of the office and went on a mission to find a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, since Halloween is just around the corner we need the right vodka in the office to set the mood… Ok sorry let me get […]

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Fantastico Chicken and Bacon thing!

Well as many of you may know, old HankBob has been really focused on eating right (doctors orders) and mainly just trying to be diabetic friendly with my meals. What you may not know is that I have the most amazing woman in my life that anyone could ever ask for, she is totally understanding and willing to stick to the plan with me so that it’s much easier.  The up-side to her doing this is that she is constantly […]

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Grilled Chicken and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

So I guess I’m totally out of practice because I neglected to take even one picture of this recipe… I guess I’ve been away for too long and have just lost my mind.  Oh well, I went ahead and borrowed and image that was the closest image to what my meal looked like and as it turns out BraunAppetit has some pretty cool recipes as well. Well I really have been working very hard at changing how I eat, how […]

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Kind of Good for you Lasagna!

A while back I had a friend at work ask for some of my “Bad for you Lasagna” and since I love making it I couldn’t resist obliging her and throwing down.  Now, at that very moment I was presented with a challenge that I never thought I would even attempt, another friend (Vegetarian) was sitting there when this request was made and asked what all I put in my lasagna.  I couldn’t resist responding with “I try to put […]

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