Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

Mousse_1I figured after making dinner last night that we needed something cool, refreshing, and just plain delish for dessert.  I took a few minutes and looked through the fridge and the pantry and decided that a good old mousse would do the trick.  I got started making this thing and it ended up being a little heavier than a mousse but turned out to be something so much better.  This dessert was rich, creamy, chocolatey and flat out great all at the same time.  The guests all became quick fans of this dessert and I might be making it again really soon plus it’s simple, quick, and actually requires no cooking.

This simple dessert really blew me away and is actually pretty healthy for a recovering diabetic.  I definitely recommend trying it for yourself.  I might have to make myself another tonight.


1 package sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix

1/2 cup fat free milk

3 tblsp unsweetened cocoa mix

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 little packages of Splenda or other sweetener

2 cups sugar free whipped cream

Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and just keep mixing until it has the consistency that you want.  You may add more milk or more cocoa until you get the flavor that you like.  Guess what, that’s it, it’s that easy, I couldn’t believe how good it actually was.

So, I took this and poured into big martini glasses, topped with a little sugar free whipped cream, shaved some dark chocolate, and garnished with a strawberry.  If you have people that like chocolate covered strawberries then they will absolutely love this.  I had these little things sitting in the fridge while everyone was eating so they came out nice and cool and just plain chocolate heaven.

Try one for yourself, but be warned, second and third helpings may be in your future.

If you are feeling really experimental and might want to make an adult version of this, add a shot of Khalua and enjoy the chocolatey, coffee sweetness.

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