Monthly Archives: July 2009

Perfect Ribs Hankbob Style

Well, it was a long weekend and I couldn’t stay away from the smoker this weekend.  I just couldn’t resist throwin some ribs on the grill.  I got a really awesome rub from Spice-Guy at and couldn’t wait to use it.  I found ribs at $6.00 a slab and got ready to have a crazy day throwdown. It all started with preppin the ribs, I washed em down, oiled them a little, and covered generously with Spice Guy’s Rowdy […]

BBQ Sloppy Joe type of thing!

So, “I swear, this has never happened to me before, I swear it…”, were the words that I spoke as I began making these burgers.  I just stood there in shock as they began to fall appart right before my eyes.  All that kept running through my head were the possible things that could have gone wrong during the preparation of these burgers. Did I not use enough egg, did I forget the breadcrumbs, did I not refrigerate the patties […]

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