BBQ Ribs with Apple Chipotle BBQ Sauce

100_0184(1)Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… “Ah Hankbob you’ve gone crazy over this Apple Chipotle BBQ Sauce” and all I can say about that is “Yes, I am crazy about it.”  This is really one of my favorite sauces and has been perfect on everything.

All of this food was cooked for a Toga party that I had at the house and the food was magnificent the outfits were phenomial, the beer was cold and the ladies were super hot.  It was definitely some good fun, maybe I’ll get some pics up one of these days.

Once again Spicy Guy came through for me with his Rowdy Rub and I can’t say enough about how awesome these rubs are.

Well, I figured ribs would be a perfect addition to everything else that I was making and boy was I right.  I actually did three different styles of ribs.  I did my regular old sweet BBQ ribs, the Apple Chipotle ribs for those who like a little kick in the pants, and a dry rib and I honestly can’t tell ya which one was better.  They were all devoured.

So, now that I have combined two of my favorite things ribs and Apple Chipotle BBQ, check out the recipes and put them together for an amazging time.

Ribs Hankbob Style

Then brush the ribs with:

Apple Chipotle BBQ Sauce

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