Fire in the Hole Brats

I saw a recipe that a friend of mine (link to the original recipe at Spice Guy) had posted and absolutely fell in love with the idea.  After reading the whole thing I realized that I need to change it up a little since I feel like brats need charcoal and a grill to be perfect.

No matter what I think I know a great thing when I see one and thanks to my boy I now have a new item to put together when I have a few folks over for a weekend bash.

For those of you that are “health nuts” and like your “heart” you should probably stop reading this right now.

For the rest of the bacon and sausage and cheese and jalapeño loving world please keep reading and enjoy.

Alright, so I call these Fire in the Hole Brats because they are stuffed with Jalapeños and Cheddar cheese, then wrapped with bacon and grilled to crispy perfection.  Each bite is like a explosion of delicious, but don’t take my word for it.

So here’s the deal

Per serving:

1 uncooked bratwurst

1 tblsp diced Jalapeños

Enough cheddar cheese to stuff the brat

2 strips of bacon

How to prepare

Start by slicing the brats down the middle so that you can stuff em full.

Stick plenty of cheese in the middle…

Then stick the Jalapeños in where they fit in…

Tuck 1 strip of bacon in the end and start wrapping.  Then repeat with the 2nd strip of bacon from the other end… (optional at this point to add a little of your favorite BBQ Pork rub)

Place them on the grill on indirect heat, since you can’t turn these as much you need to get them to cook evenly on top and bottom until the bacon is crispy.

Place them on a bun, add your toppings and enjoy…

I’m a little bigger than your average Joe so I decided to have more than one but the last bite of the 2nd one was just as good as the 1st bite of the 1st one…

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  1. Looks tasty and anything with Bacon is mouthwatering anyhow!

  2. HankBob says:

    You got that right… love me some bacon

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