The World of Brisket

I have tried and tried and tried to make the “perfect” brisket and although my brisket ends up being good I just have never made the “perfect” one until now.

Also, I need ya to forgive the pictures, was trying out a new camera and things got a little weird.

The crazy thing is that it took me getting my hands on a Bubba Keg to finally get my brisket to turn out the way I wanted. My plan when I first started on the brisket was to use this recipe as an opportunity to do a review on the Bubba Keg and how it cooks, but after tasting this brisket I realized I couldn’t do a full Bubba Keg review because the food was just too dang good.

The upside to the Bubba Keg is that once I got the temp to 190 degrees it stayed at that temp for 13 hours. I will admit that I let it get a little hot to start off so it took a while to get the temp to where I wanted it but after that everything went very smoothly.

Ok so after 13 hours at 190 degrees this brisket had the perfect bark, beautiful smoke ring, was super tender and juicy and made the best brisket sandwich ever.

I did set up a couple handfuls of lump coal, then added a few handfulls of soaked Pecan wood that I had leftover and figured it would be a nice touch.

Now, I wanted to use a rub from Spice Guy but I’m completely out and haven’t had a chance to place a new order so I took an idea that I was given a while back and figured I would just make a rub of my own.  And yes I am going to tell you the recipe for the rub.  Although there is nothing exact in this post feel free to just try out different amounts until you get the flavor you want.

For the Rub

Granulated Garlic

Granulated Onion

Smoked Paprika


Black Pepper

Lemon Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Lemon Zest

Orange Zest


Brown Sugar



Ground Cumin

and just a little nutmeg

Mix all of the ingredients together and then rub it down.  I was a little worried about the sugar but at the low temps it turned out perfect.

Let the brisket go for 12-13 hours at 190 – 200 degrees and be prepared for the pain.  And by pain I mean that your tongue will beat your face half to death if you get any on your cheeks.

Just as a serving suggestion I placed this on a soft hoagie roll, added some BBQ sauce, Cheddar Cheese, and Tomato and by golly she was amazazing!

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  1. Robin Mish says:

    I like this recipe. 8-)

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