Legendary London Broil Accident

As I was walking through the grocery store the other day I saw a crazy sale, London Broil was on sale as a BOGO deal. Now, me being the frugal guy that I am I couldn’t resist the offer and picked two of em up. And proudly continued to do a little shopping.

One of the aisles that I have the most trouble with is the huge wall of sauces and marinades.  I can never just pass by grab a bottle of something in motion and continue on.  No, not me, I have to spend about 45 minutes scouring over the wall of deliciousness until I find something that I have never tried before.

In all honesty this just doesn’t happen very often and I end up just grabbing something plain and leaving.  Not on this day, as I stood there looking up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start, I saw a light shining down as if it was a ray of light shining from the heavens.

It could have been a rainbow but I’m pretty sure it was just a beam of light… Sorry, that’s not the point, the point is that I saw West Indies Spice Co.  Just the name itself had me intrigued so I picked it up and low and behold I had found the treasure.  Pirates Gold Inferno Hot Marinade was now in my hand and was going to be used on these awesome London Broils.

I just couldn’t wait to get my new find to the house and start up a nice marinade with it but first…To the Beer!

I figured this was going to be a Caribbean style steak so I grabbed beer with “lime” in it and a bottle of Pineapple Soda to add to the marinade.  Now, I might get a little sweet and spicy out of this deal.

Grabbed some potatoes and mushrooms, and a few ears of corn and headed to the checkout.

As soon as I got the groceries in the house I opened the bottle of Pirates Gold, dipped my finger in it and tasted it immediately… HOLY CRAP MY FACE IS ON FIRE!!!!  That marinade is not kidding, just a little bit on the tongue and I could immediately feel the heat.  They say on the bottle the longer you soak in it the hotter it’s gonna get so I figured to make the marinade immediately and let it soak for 7 hours.  That should be plenty hot.

I mixed up the marinade, added the steaks, placed in the fridge and started playin Rock Band to pass the time.

After finally grilling the steaks I just have to say that these things were delicious.  The flavors were subtle enough that you could tastes them but could also still taste the steak.  It had a bit of heat on the back-end which was a really nice touch.

All in all if you can find this marinade I really recommend trying it out but using it as a base for a full marinade is the only way to go in my mind.

To Make the Marinade

You just want to make enough to cover your meat completely so play with the amounts until you get it the way you want it.

Pirates Gold Inferno Hot Marinade

Pineapple Soda

Lime Flavored Beer

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder


Black pepper

Mix all ingredients well until you have a nice flavored liquid.  Add the meat and marinate in the fridge for a few hours, best results would be overnight.

Throw it on the grill and enjoy!

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