Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever

I’m calling this the “Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever” when in fact it might actually be the best tasting thing ever while at the same time be everything that could be totally bad for you.  But I think that might make the title way too long.  Plus I didn’t grill anything for this sandwich so I didn’t feel like getting too creative with the name.

The upside is that this thing might become a staple of breakfast foods for all those who visit me out on the farm.  Imagine, waking up to the wonderful aroma of breakfast being cooked, walk into the dining area and sit down to this huge, tasty, breakfast sandwich.

Trust me, after this breakfast you will either have enough energy to work all day or you will have to immediately take a nap.  Either way it’s totally worth having every once in a while on the weekend.

The idea started a couple of weeks ago when I got a craving for waffles, all I could think about were some good home made waffles and fried chicken.  Man, even right now that sounds fantastic.  Well, needless to say I didn’t get home made waffles or fried chicken but I did manage to pick up some waffles from my grocers freezer and thus began the epic journey to this sandwich.

Now you know I started by toasting a couple of waffles which could have made a great breakfast by itself but wasn’t going to be good enough for me.

I had some ground sausage left over from the last trip to the butcher so I figured it was time to patty that stuff out.  So I made a few sausage patties added a little more salt and pepper and pan fried those bad boys up.

I put two of the patties on one of the waffles and topped that with a slice of american cheese and some shredded cheddar cheese. (because breakfast ain’t the same without cheese)

Well, I had some awesome grease in the pan from the sausage so it was time to add a couple of eggs.  In my mind having a little yolk left soft is going to add some tremendous flavor to this sandwich so I fried em up and left the yolk a little runny.  Then I put the eggs on top of the cheese just so it gets a little melty while I work on the rest of this thing.

I decided to add a couple of slices of ham to the pan and fry it up a little, once it got a good and hot I put the ham slices on the eggs.

Ok, call me crazy but I needed a familiar flavor so I added some Big Butz Original BBQ sauce and poured it over the top of the ham.

Next, it was time to add a thick slice of tomato and then top it off with the other waffle.  Man this looks fantastic but as if this wasn’t enough I drizzled a little honey over the top of the whole thing.

This was such a decadent sweet and savory breakfast that I almost lost control of myself.

The only thing that saved me was the serving of cheese grits that I served it up with.

Call me crazy but this was marvelous.

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  1. Larry Gaian says:

    Dude! You have created a work of art. I’m not a big frozen waffle fan but that would be a great way to eat them.

  2. HankBob says:

    Haha, it was definitely a work of art, but it was also delicious. Can’t wait to try it again.

  3. BigBooch says:

    Fergot the bacon, bro’

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