Bubba Burger Grill – Not so great!

I don’t usually review restaurants but I guess it’s time to start… I guess it’s the norm for my first review to be about a bad experience but some good experiences will definitely follow!

Alright so today we ventured out of the office and went on a mission to find a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, since Halloween is just around the corner we need the right vodka in the office to set the mood… Ok sorry let me get back to the point.  While we were out we decided to go ahead and grab lunch at the local Bubba Burger Grill and since we have all been waiting for this place to open we figured today was as good a day as any…

First, let me give you a little back story, this location was once the home of my favorite burger joint in town and that burger joint was bought out by Bubba Burger and we had to wait over a year and a half for them to change the place and reopen as Bubba Burger Grill… So all of the anticipation had me salivating from the moment we pulled into the parking lot.

Now, since we all eat a little healthy, my first task was to jump out of the car and make sure that they have a wheat bun, and to my surprise they totally have several bun options and wheat was one… SCORE FOR BUBBA BURGER GRILL… Alright now we can go in and enjoy a meal.  Or so I thought… (dun, dun, dun…)

The old restaurant was a full service restaurant, you walk it, they seat you at a table, you get a server, you place your order, and they bring you your food and all of this seems like a simple thing… Well that’s not how it’s done at Bubba Burger Grill, oh no, you have to walk up to a counter, pick a bun, type of burger, condiments, side, and drink choice, pay and then go sit down to eat.  This place is huge, it’s not a fast food joint, this is a big ol’ restaurant with a dang bar!  Not to mention this huge place only has 3 TV’s so forget about going to enjoy any sporting event at this place.

Ok, you have the point of how to place your order, well my meal consisted of a double jalepeno burger on a wheat bun, no onion, sweet potato fries, and for the table I got fried green beans as a starter… Before the green beans my meal was $13.80… HOLY CRAP! Fourteen Bucks for a burger for lunch?  Oh well, we’ve already started this ride so we might as well finish it…

We sat and waited, and waited, and waited, much like you would at any slow service restaurant and the burger was finally brought to the table and I couldn’t believe it… They really are actually serving Bubba Burgers!  C’mon man, at least change the shape and pretend like you are serving something other than the exact burger that I can get in the freezer section at my local grocery store!  And I didn’t get to say how I wanted my burger prepared so it was a little overdone but still tasted ok because of the jalapenos and pickles I guess…

Now, my point is that I can go to the grocery store, buy the actual jalapeno bubba burgers that were served to me and get 6 of them for $6.99, buy a pack of whole wheat hamburger buns for $2.49, and get enough condiments for a ton of burgers and make this exact burger at home and feed the whole family plus a couple of friends for less than it cost me to eat at this crappy restaurant.  I’m a little let down that this place has gone from my favorite burger joint EVER to being a place that I will never go back to again and I will actually never recommend that anyone go there.  If you would like to enjoy a bubba burger, swing by the house, I’ll feed you one and won’t charge you a dime!

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  1. Robin Mish says:

    Great first review. Hard to believe that they charge that much for one of their burgers. You make an excellent point.

  2. Thanks for the lowdown on a place we can stay away from, look forward to reading about your faves :)


  3. arustad904 says:

    Note to self… Don’t go to Bubba Burger Grill. Thx for the review.

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