Pimpin Pulled Pork

IMG_1614 - Copy Normally I would run down a recipe for creating something spectacular, but today I am simply going to give you a few simple steps that can help create some Pimpin Pulled Pork at home.  The best part about this is, if you like to slow and low on the smoker then this is right up your alley.  It’s easy, delicious, and best of all it’s BBQ!

Well, before we get started, let me run down a few things you might need to really get started.

First – Hopefully you already have a smoker, everybody needs some sort of smoker on hand.

Second – You will need some wood chunks for the smoker, this is where you are gonna get a huge amount of the flavor from.

Third – You are gonna need some good burnin coals to get ya to temperature.IMG_1612 - Copy

This may come across as an ad for Baxter’s Original BBQ Supply, (well I guess it is) but you can get everything you need from one place.  These guys have smokers, smoker wood, and the best charcoal you can find.  So before we go any further, check em out and order what you need.

Ok, now that the shameless plug for Baxter’s Original is out of the way let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what needs to be done to get some great pulled pork.  And I guess I am gonna give you sort of a recipe to try at home.

First I picked my butts, pork butts that is, and rubbed them down with yellow mustard!  That’s right, yellow mustard!  Some people have been known to do this on ribs but I have found that I really like to prep my butts this way.  In no way does it create a crazy flavor, it just helps work as a binder to keep the rub on the meat.

After rubbing down with mustard I then add generous amounts of my pork rub.  Now I use my own secret recipe, but you can use your favorite BBQ Pork rub, just make sure you completely coat all the meat.  Yep, that was easy…

IMG_1607 - CopyCoated completely in rub?  Well now it’s time to add the brown sugar, just completely cover the entire butt in brown sugar, then let it sit until you see the brown sugar start to melt into the meat.  At this point I usually want to eat raw pork, I just never can get over how good it looks and smells.

Once the brown sugar starts to melt onto the meat I usually add my secret ingredient, Double D’s Dirt gets sprinkled all over the butt at this point.  If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s a terrific “everything” spice and I literally put it on just about everything.

Okie Dokie, still with me?  Be sure your smoker has heated up to about 250 degrees and is starting to smoke nicely.  Put the butts on the cooker, close the lid, monitor the temp, and let the bad boy cook for about 3 hours!

After 3 hours set the butt into an aluminum roasting pan, add a stick of butter, and pour in some apple juice, then cover tightly with foil and put back on the smoker for another 3 hours!

So now it’s been 6 hours since you first put the pork on the smoker and now you should be able to pull the pan off, peel back the foil, and you should be able to easily just pull the bone right out of the butt.  Now, you are gonna have a bunch of juice in the bottom of the pan, so just move the butt to a new pan, grab two forks, and start pulling the meat apart.  Everything should pull apart REEEEEAAAAAALLLLL easy and viola, you have some pimpin pulled pork.  Just add whatever sauce you want, slap on a bun, top with some coleslaw, and eat your heart out!

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