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HankBob got started making BBQ for all of his buddies at the shop. He started with just a cut up old Ford and a grill and would cook up some vittles every Friday for all the guys. They all raved about the cookin and told Hank that he really had to put his cookin out there for people to see. He’s now been cookin for 7 years and since he was so bad at workin on cars he gets paid to just run the kitchen at the shop.

HankBob knows that as long as he can keep the guys happy then he will have plenty of happy customers so he just keeps on grillin. His goal now is to share some of the ideas and foods that he has created over the years with everyone that he can. Knowing that he doesn’t want to keep on being a mechanic he understands that this may be his last hope at getting out of the daily grind. Since BBQ is his life and his true pleasure, he can think of nothing better than sharing his love for the grill with the rest of the world. Check out a few shows, learn somthin, enjoy the grill, and most of all take care of your engine.

Understanding Hank Bob

It all started one day when I decided to pick up some groceries for a cookout for a few friends. I walked in the door and remembered back in 1984 when the dentist last told me that I better start flossin or I was never gonna eat another rib as long as I live. I figued since I was here anyway I could ask somebody where dey keep the dern floss in here and this started the adventure. I picked up a buggy and started down the first isle I saw.

Low and behold I was in luck, there was a lady shoppin’ pickin’ up cans of soup or somethin’ so I walked straight towards her. She had her back to me when I asked, “Excuse me, you know where dey keep da dern floss around here?” She didn’t even turn around and just kinda shrugged her shoulders. I knew that this was not the person to be askin but couldn’t help to proceed with the interrogation about where the dad gum dental floss was hidden big ol place. So, knowing better, I still asked again,”Um, scuse me, do you know where the floss is?” She finally turned and looked directly at me but no words were spoken.

This woman just looked at me apparently struck by fear and that’s when it hit me. I wasn’t gonna be able to get the floss, I really needed to poop and if I didn’t make it soon it was gonna be a cleanup on isle four. Almost doubled over in stomach pain I asked in a hurried voice, “Oh God, please help me find the bathroom!” She just screamed, left her groceries in the isle and ran out of the store. Well, I won’t bore you with details but I made it to the toilet safely, had to go home to take a shower, went back to the store and got all of the groceries (minus the floss) and had bang up party that afternoon. Good times, the rest is HankBob Histry…

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