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Thunderlip Face Steamer Buffalo Chicken Breasts…

Totally not a new video but something to keep ya entertained while I work…

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Smoked Mac n’ Cheese Yeah I fried some!

Well, I’m gonna need you to forgive the lack of images during this process.  I was actually pretty hungry and neglected the camera while I was making everything.  But since I am so descriptive and write so very well I figure you may be able to follow my story like skills and make this thing at home. Just in case you were not aware, ol’ HankBob is a huge fan of Mac n’ Cheese, I’m also a huge fan of […]

Electric Smokers! I feel like a cheater!

For a very long time I have made fun of my Dad for buying an electric smoker.  I just couldn’t believe that this man who I looked up to could just switch from a true smoker and charcoals to an electric abomination.  I mean, I really look up to my Pop’s for his culinary skills and patience with a bit o meat on the smoker but I was truly losing faith. That being said, I have a friend who purchased […]

Quick Easy Recipes

Well, we figured it was time to put together some quick and easy recipes for folks to follow.  Now, thes may not all be BBQ, or all done on the grill but I guarantee that I like each and every one of em.  I wanted to guarantee that you would like em too but I really can’t do that.  So, give all of the recipes a try and let me know what you think. If you get bored readin, just […]

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