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HankBob ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, here it is in all its glory.  We did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and had a footloose time doin it! Take a second, watch the video and check out to make your own donation.  

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Thunderlip Face Steamer Buffalo Chicken Breasts…

Totally not a new video but something to keep ya entertained while I work…

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Danger Zone Burger

Speaking of Burgers, the biggest one I ever made was 15 pounds, but it sure was fun to eat…

The First HankBob Episode

This took me waaaaaayyyyyyy back.  This was the first video that we ever did.  It’s amazing how little we have improved over the years hahaha.

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Silence of the Lamb Burgers

Quid pro quo… We’re servin ‘em up with black beans and a Natty Light instead.

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Lime Marinated “Bubba Ho-Tep” Scallop Tacos!

I’m going to go ahead and admit that we totally ran out of time while making this video, the bottom fell out of the sky just as we packed everything up.  We had just enough time to save the food and get in the house. But, overall I can tell ya that I completely fell in love this weekend with the new Bubba Keg grill that my boy “Ogre” just had to make sure we used.  I will let ya […]

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Power of Ribs

Had another great weekend and since it finally warmed up and got sunny we went ahead and decided to have some fun and eat some ribs.  The downside is that the bottom fell out of the smoker so she won’t hold heat.  Started the build on a new smoker so will be back in action soon. This gave me a chance to grill some ribs and slow cook on the grill even though I couldn’t slow smoke em.  They turned […]

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Beer Can Chicken

Well, we had a grand time at Big Chig over the weekend, there will probably be more craziness to come.  But for now I was able to get some beers and make some Beer Can Chicken.  If you ever want the most tender, juicy, crispy, grilled chicken that you could put in your mouth then you should give this a try. Watch a little bit, sit back and enjoy:

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